People are saying wonderful things about their experience at PCB West!

PCB West is the greatest conference of its type. I’m amazed how many engineers and board designers who’ve told me they owe their career to PCB West, that without it they would not have the knowledge to truly understand printed circuit board design. I can’t imagine not being there.” — Rick Hartley, RH Enterprises

A big thanks for a great show again this year. I thought last year was a great show; this year was even better.”   Joe Clark, Cofounder, DownStream

Thanks for everything, as always! Great show.” – Dong Pham, manager sales operations – corporate, TTM Technologies

The show was really good for us. It was our first year, and everything was very professional. We deem it a success based on some very solid leads we received from visitors to our booth.” – Gary Walker, VP, Javad EMS Inc.

We had a great day at PCB West!  Enjoy meeting with top engineers working on new PCB designs."- John Ranieri – Sales Engineer, Rogers Corporation

 “More than a show, it’s a multifunction event that really brings together users and vendors at all levels. I know that attendees and exhibitors alike both greatly appreciate the borderless aspect.” - Ken Taylor, Polar Instruments

“APCT has been coming to PCB West for many years.  With all the different trade shows to choose from, marketing dollars must be spent wisely. To be seen at the best trade show in the Heart of the Silicon Valley is critical.  PCB West has been a terrific investment of our time and energies.” - Tony Torres, APCT Inc. 

"Thanks @FrancesStewart5 and @mikebuetow for another great @PCBWest - you and the entire team are a pleasure to work with!"

Via Twitter, Zuken

“There is always a lot of activity during PCB West. This trade show is extremely interactive and very relevant to what we do. Our team has meaningful conversations with the attendees  short, this is a really good trade show!” 

Amit Bahl, Director of Sales and Marketing, Sierra Circuits 


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